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Building a forward thinking organisation

Futures audit


9 out of 10 companies say forward thinking is very important. But a quarter of companies say they have under performed because of poor forward thinking, and a quarter still don't do it at all.

Does your organisation undertake future external analysis? What is the quality of that analysis? Are the results incorporated into strategy? What are the barriers to futures analysis in your organisation? Is it lack of time? Is it cost? Is it culture? Is it inadequate skills?

The macronomics futures audit helps you identify the barriers to forward thinking and how they can be overcome. The futures audit is a first step to creating a forward thinking organisation.

Stress testing strategy


If the big picture changes, how does your strategy change?

Do you understand how alternative forward thinking will impact your strategy?

The key question we ask clients when discussing how they stress test their strategy for alternative futures is: How do you do it?

There is a powerful right way and an all too common wrong way.

Forward thinking is a Board responsibility – with regard to strategy and risk. But how many Boards have a firm grasp of forward thinking?

The macronomics Board Service provides an in depth analysis of relevant external drivers and how they impact the organization. This enables Boards to think through the impact of future external scenarios on their organisation.

An increasing area of stress testing is macro due diligence to help provide that extra layer of confidence to proceed with strategic mergers and acquisitions.