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Speaker profile – Graeme Leach


Founder & Chief Economist of macronomics.

Over the past decade Graeme has made hundreds of speeches in the UK and 25 countries across the globe. His audiences have ranged from very large conferences - including 2,000 people in the Royal Albert Hall - to after dinner speeches.


“Very great speaker and really easy to work with.”

His speeches and presentations generally cover one or more of the following areas:

Economic outlook

  • Global economic outlook.
  • UK economic outlook.
  • Economic policy issues.
  • Future megatrends.
  • Geopolitics.


Graeme is one of Britain’s leading experts on the economics of BREXIT and its future impact.

Graeme explains all sides of the debate, but also challenges conventional wisdom, in numerous ways.

Graeme helps clients to understand where the political and economic debate is heading, and what to look out for in the future.


Drawing on the core themes in Graeme’s forthcoming book (2020):

  • The RACE – for economic supremacy in the 21st century.
  • The RACE argues that all the advanced economies are in a race to gain the positive effects of technology before the negative effects of demography kick-in.
  • The RACE sets out both the amazing potential and the awesome challenges of the coming decades.

“An inspiring speaker on the present and future economic outlook … not afraid to challenge received wisdom. Graeme is particularly good at making the complex sound simple, and engaging his audience while dealing with very complex subjects.”


He has built a reputation for being able to communicate economic issues to business and non-specialist audiences, in a clear, engaging and powerful way.

In a world in which the future is becoming more and more uncertain, and there is less and less time to make sense of it, Graeme helps clients to understand the big picture, and thereby have a clearer vision of tomorrow, today.


Professional profile and background

Graeme is a visiting professor of economic policy, a member of the IEA Shadow Monetary Policy Committee, a senior fellow of the Legatum Institute and had a weekly column in the City AM newspaper for many years.

He has undertaken hundreds of live television and radio interviews on the economic outlook and economic policy for BBC News, Sky News, the Radio 4 Today Programme and Radio 4 World at One.

Prior to forming macronomics, Graeme was Director of Economics and Prosperity Studies at the Legatum Institute, focused on the drivers of prosperity across the globe.

Between 1997 and 2014 he worked as Chief Economist and Director of Policy at the Institute of Directors (IoD), where he was also a member of the Board. The IoD represented around 35,000 business leaders in the UK and overseas.

Graeme represented the IoD in economic policy discussions with the Chancellor of the Exchequer and 10 Downing Street.

Earlier in his career he was Chief UK Economist and Chief International Economist, at The Henley Centre for Forecasting. He was also Economic Adviser to the Scottish Provident Investment Group.