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Research programmes

Global Shift, Future Shift & Power Shift

macronomics has 3 permanent ‘Big Picture’ research programmes:  Global Shift, Future Shift & Power Shift.


Global Shift analyses the long-term economic outlook, and the key drivers of change, using the macronomics headwinds and tailwinds analysis.

Global Shift also incorporates the macronomics River of Prosperity model to help identify the ultimate causes of economic growth in the long-term.

Among the lessons for business covered by the Global Shift research programme are:

  • Are we in the Age of Slow - secular stagnation versus escape velocity?
  • What are the ultimate causes of long-term growth and prosperity?
  • Does business need to prepare for a return of the euro crisis?
  • Will China fall into the middle income trap?
  • Debt & demographics - The 21st century differentiators?
  • How big will be the consumption shift in emerging markets?

Future Shift examines future megatrends and they’re impact on business and society.

Among the lessons for business covered by the Future Shift research programme are:

  • Should we be optimistic or pessimistic about the scale of future technological change and its impact on business and society?
  • What will be the future employment consequences of technological change?
  • What is the future of money?
  • What will be the business impact of an ageing population?

Power Shift analyses future geopolitical change and its potential impact on business.

Among the lessons for business covered by the Power Shift research programme are:

  • The future of the EU - deeper integration or disintegration?
  • The future of the US - renewal or decline?
  • Connectography - networked world versus the nation state.
  • The future relationship between freedom and prosperity.
  • Will economic freedom lead to political freedom in China?
  • Post Brexit - Will there be an Anglosphere?