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How will the external environment impact your business?

Understanding drivers


Do you know what the main external drivers for your organisation are? Is it the economy, technology, demography or other future megatrends? Do you understand the relationship between these external drivers and your organisation? Which are the most important?

Combining deep thinking, rigorous analysis and econometric modelling, macronomics helps you answer these questions, and understand how the external big picture impacts your organisation.

Understanding disruptors


Internal disruptors and new business models are the talk of the town, but what about external disruptors?

Are there profound changes in the future external environment (macroeconomic, geopolitical or other future megatrends) which present a significant threat or opportunity for your organisation?

Understanding scenarios


Scenarios, but not as you know them.

We believe in a much more rigorous approach to scenario planning in order to ensure forward thinking has a real impact on strategy.

In an increasingly uncertain world, scenario planning will be a more important tool in the future than in the past, but conventional approaches all too often provide low value added, and don't provide the useable meta-narratives business requires.

We believe the macronomics scenario planning technique does provide the high value added required in order to help forward thinking truly shape strategy.