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Macroeconomic Insight | 27-Apr-2017

The River of Prosperity. What’s the ultimate source of growth?

macronomics has created the concept of The River of Prosperity to help understand what ultimately drives long-term economic performance.

The River of Prosperity framework suggests that the ultimate source of growth is culture. Culture shapes economic institutions, which shape economic performance.

Understanding what culture means for growth is a source of real competitive advantage.

Geopolitical insight | 18-Apr-2017

EU integration or disintegration?

There is widespread recognition that the EU faces an existential crisis in the wake of Brexit, and a populist surge across the continent.

Challenging the conventional wisdom, macronomics argues that the EU will begin to disintegrate, but not yet.

And more significantly, the disintegration will itself lead to a much deeper integration of a core group of countries towards a pseudo United States of Europe.

Future insight | 11-Apr-2017

Are the robots coming for our jobs?

The media is full of stories about a looming technological revolution, which will threaten mass unemployment. But the lesson of economic history is that technological progress is positive not negative for employment.

So who is correct, the futurists or the historians?

macronomics argues that we should be optimistic about both the scale of future technological change, and the employment consequences.