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What’s the big idea?


Forward thinking is relative not absolute.

You can't be perfect at forward thinking, but you can be better than your competitors. Forward thinking well, will give you a competitive edge.

So how can macronomics help you gain a competitive edge?

Insight, Link and Think help you become more proactive and less reactive to the opportunities and threats from future external change.






Understanding the Big Picture

Insight consulting draws on the 3 core shift series ongoing research programmes undertaken by macronomics:

  • Global Shift

    Research and analysis of the long-term economic performance and prospects across the G10.

  • Power Shift

    Research and analysis of the shifting balance of power and geopolitical issues.

  • Future Shift

    Research and analysis of future megatrends such a technology and demographics

  • Turning Point

    In addition to the annual shift series reports we also produce a bi-monthly (6 per annum) report searching for turning points in the UK economy.


We combine wide reading with deep thought, helping clients to understand why conventional wisdom might be right or wrong. We review hundreds of global sources of information each month. And we're not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom. Here are a few recent examples:

In the immediate aftermath of Brexit, when virtually everyone was arguing the UK economy would nose dive, macronomics argued the reverse, showing why the economy was getting stronger not weaker.

Last Summer we argued that the choice was not between a soft versus hard Brexit (hard had won that battle), but a hard versus ultra-hard Brexit. This remains the case.

macronomics research shows that the conventional wisdom with regard to the future largest economy in the world, has almost always been wrong over the past 50 years - with profound implication for China.

It's fashionable to argue that ‘the robots are coming for our jobs’ and that the future impact of technology on employment will be negative. But all the evidence from economic history and recent technology, suggests the contrary.



macronomics helps clients understand how external issues impact their organisation. We aim for breakthrough revelation for clients.


What’s the relationship between your organisation and the external environment?


What are the key external drivers impacting your organisation?

How do external drivers impact your organisation?


Which issues are most relevant?

How sensitive is your organisation to changes in the external environment?

Which external drivers have a big and which a small effect?


How do I quantify this?

How do I understand their changing impact over time?



macronomics helps clients to acquire the skills and confidence to become a forward thinking organization and move from reactive to proactive, and turn forward thinking into profit.


How do you create a forward thinking organisation?


What are the barriers to forward thinking?

Is it culture?


Is it cost?

Is it a lack of skills?

How does forward thinking relate to strategic leadership?


Who needs to “own” forward thinking?

How do you disseminate forward thinking throughout the organisation?


How do you maintain a forward thinking organisation?