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For economic supremacy in the 21st century

macronomics Founder & Chief Economist, Graeme Leach, will publish a new book in 2018: The RACE: for economic supremacy in the 21st century.


The RACE for economic supremacy over the coming decade and beyond, will be a race to gain the positive effects of technology before the negative effects of demography kick-in.

This will be race of amazing potential versus awesome challenges.

The impact of technology and demographics will differ across economies, but one thing they will all share is the ability to make the race harder or easier, with more or less statism and protectionism.

The RACE is the story of the future of the global economy and the likely winners and losers in the battle for economic supremacy.

In contrast to the economic talk of the town at present, which is all about weak productivity growth and secular stagnation, The RACE suggests we are on the cusp of a Fourth Industrial Revolution with accelerating growth - providing we pursue freedom orientated economic policies.