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“The problem with the future is that it is different. If you are unable to think differently, the future will always arrive as a surprise.”

Gary Hamel

“The director must be able to navigate his or her organisation through challenging waters. Their success will depend on their insight and sense of the external environment.”

Institute of Directors

“Forward thinking is relative not absolute. You can’t know the future with certainty. But you can gain a competitive edge by understanding it better than your competitors.”


Forward thinking for competitive advantage


“macronomics is a macroeconomic, geopolitical and future megatrends research consultancy which help clients gain a competitive advantage from better forward thinking.”


Where’s your organisation on the Forward Thinking Curve?
Where’s your organisation on the Forward Thinking Curve?

Is your organisation positioned before or beyond the optimum point? Most organisations are positioned at A or B, not C or D. In other words they can profit from better forward thinking.

Forward Thinking is relative not absolute
Forward Thinking is relative not absolute

The potential competitive advantage from forward thinking is relative, not absolute. You don’t have to be perfect at forward thinking (because that is impossible), but you do have to be better than your competitors.

Free thinking 

macronomics publishes regular insight reports on future strategic issues, which draw on our 3 core research programmes covering macroeconomic, geopolitical and future megatrends: Macroeconomic Insight, Future Insight and Geopolitical Insight.


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